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Safety is paramount for every construction project. An obvious statement for sure, but something that can be taken for granted when not enforced with vigilance. At Structure Tone, project site safety is addressed from day one. We have been recognized at the local and national levels for our project safety and we continually strive to set the highest standard for safety excellence within the industry.

From the Top Down

Structure Tone’s corporate Safety and Health Program defines safety and loss prevention management, and the site implementation requirements for all of our construction operations. This corporate program document is available as a reference at all Structure Tone offices and project sites. The manual serves as the foundation from which project-specific programs are initiated and developed.

All Structure Tone Safety and Health Programs are managed by our corporate safety director who is responsible for enforcing all rules, regulations and procedural policies. The efforts of the corporate safety director are supported by the site safety manager, the project manager, the project superintendent and each of the tradesmen and subcontractors for each and every project.

Specific Rules for Each Site

For each project, large or small, we develop a site-specific program. This addresses both our clients’ safety needs and concerns for that site, as well as our standard practices and any unique requirements demanded by the project and/or site. In addition to customary and specific mandates, the site-specific program discusses:

the requirements of the area’s local building codes
concerns of the client and the community
the timely dissemination of information to all concerned parties

    Communication and Evaluation

    A key element of our safety program is outreach and communication. Early in the process of developing our safety program, Structure Tone works with subcontractors to establish the procedures that will coordinate “outside” groups, such as the fire department, emergency medical assistance, security and safety personnel, community organizations, etc., in addition to construction personnel.

    Once a complete program is established, Structure Tone staff monitor all project activities for compliance throughout the life of the project. As part of the daily course of our construction management services, we monitor the standards and procedures for protecting the safety of the public, local residents and construction personnel during construction. Thorough audits are performed to verify that these standards are met and procedures are followed.
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