Small Projects Require Big Commitments

Special Projects, Special Needs

Every project, no matter what size, is unique and critical to our clients’ businesses—and thus to Structure Tone. Each assignment has special requirements whether it is 500sf in a Barneys New York department store or a 20,000sf interior fit-out for The Hearst Corporation. Our Special Projects Division was established to ensure that the hands-on management and personalized service that is synonymous with Structure Tone is provided to our clients with projects of a smaller scale, typically ranging from 1,000–20,000sf.

Our Special Projects staff ensures that the dedicated, focused attention needed to orchestrate a smaller project, often with a shorter duration, is provided to you. Specialized project teams are assembled with seasoned professionals ready to respond to fast-track schedule requirements and efficiently coordinate the project. Developing the appropriate logistics plan takes a keen eye, with an exceptional attention to detail. From project estimators to on-site superintendents, our Special Projects staff have spent years perfecting their skills to effectively manage projects of this scale.

Simply because a project is not large does not mean it is not grand. Size does not limit the creativity or complexity of a newly designed space, it just makes it more challenging to construct. There are inherent challenges in all construction projects, which are made more complex when a space is small—from the storage of construction materials to keeping and office open and operational as work is completed—all of which our teams have mastered.

Our Special Projects teams are known for their innovative, cutting edge construction techniques and solutions. With full access to the depth of resources available at Structure Tone—LEED expertise, national purchasing power, exclusive global procurement agreements, in-house technology expertise, financial security and project surety—our Special Projects teams draw from the lessons learned on all projects. Whether it is a recommendation for a more sustainable or cost-effective finish or fixture to an on-site change in a method of installation, at all times the team acts on your behalf to maximize cost efficiency, speed to market and the safety and quality of our workmanship.

Over 80% of Structure Tone’s projects are valued at less than a $1M. These projects represent a significant portion of our revenue, which has allowed us to develop the insight that projects of a smaller nature require. Year after year our skills have been refined, our techniques honed and our service improved. Through the dedicated resources of the Special Projects Division we strive to better serve the broad needs of our clients.

The Structure Tone Special Projects team has successfully delivered our projects on almost impossible timelines and consistently on budget.

Jude Duffy, office coordinator, Boston Consulting Group

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