Houston, TX

Efficiency, Effectiveness, Engagement and Environmental Sustainability

Accenture was looking to relocate and reduce its real estate footprint in Houston while continuing to support a growing workforce. The location became the pilot project in Accenture’s Workplace 2.0 strategy to create a new office tailored to meet the needs of its mobile workers.

A high percentage of its employees travel to and work in clients’ offices and do not need permanent workstations in their home office. Unique project elements included:

  • reception, café and lounge
  • boardroom and conference rooms
  • collaboration areas and shared enclosed spaces
  • no internal columns; all structural support is at the perimeter
  • elliptical and sculptural walls
  • color-coded “neighborhoods”
  • sound masking system
  • “walkstations” (treadmills) to promote movement during the workday
  • state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, including the first web-based room scheduling system

Overcoming Challenges

During the preconstruction phase, Structure Tone and PDR began a collaborative relationship that flourished throughout the project. Working closely, we overcame the four main challenges:

  • floor leveling—the wall system had tight tolerances, therefore the floor had to be completely level. After discovering variances of up to two inches, Structure Tone established a consistent finish line for the subcontractors to work off of and the floor level was adjusted accordingly.
  • graphic wallcovering—the custom graphic wallcovering was a challenge to lay out and install due to the .16-inch in 10-foot tolerance.
  • ceiling layout—the floating acoustical ceilings required exacting coordination of the MEP work and numerous layout meetings were held to make sure that the supports would not be visible.
  • schedule—the only way the aggressive 10-week schedule could be met, without disrupting the existing tenants, was to run two shifts for five of those weeks

Award of Excellence—Interior Design/
Tenant Improvements
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