Financial Services Client

Organized Phases

As the construction manager and general contractor, our firm renovated three floors for the financial services client in Hartford. The 46,000sf build-out included demolition of the existing space and construction of new offices, open plan spaces, conference rooms, and a data center.

The multi-phased project was two 20,000sf phases and one 6,000sf phase. Each began with the complete demolition of the existing space, including walls, ceiling, floors and MEPS. We then installed a new fan powered VAV system with hot water coils and a new electrical infrastructure. After all MEPS upgrades were completed, fit-out began. During Phase II, a new 3,500sf data center was constructed. The room is cooled by two10-ton Liebert units and an 80kW UPS system. All wiring was laced in from overhead down to wall mounted racks for the voice and into cabinets for the data.

MEP Infrastructure

With the amount of new MEPS infrastructure required for the project, extensive coordination was required with audio/visual, furniture and security vendors to ensure proper rough in work for raceways and electrical requirements. Our staff also coordinated with all team members in an effort to save the client money for this new infrastructure work. For example, replacing glass with wood and re-designing the HVAC and sprinkler systems to reuse portions of existing piping and ductwork resulted in a significant cost savings for the client.

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